limousine in dubai

Dubai is a very expensive city. If you go to Dubai, you better go prepared and there are a lot of laws you need to know about also because it’s nothing like where you’ve probably come from, especially for people travelling there from the states. A lot of people go to Dubai thinking it’ll be some party vacation get away but that’s not usually the case. They’re very strict on what you can and can’t do in Dubai, especially in public appearance. Doing something that’s against Dubai’s rules can land you in jail for a very long time, so study the laws before you go.

Dubai is essentially a city built by slave labor so while you see these exotic looking buildings and people running around in Lamborghinis, just remember that slave labor essentially helped fuel and build this city. More than that is the growing demand for limousines in Dubai. Limousines are great for anyone travelling from point A to point B or trying to make their own point when arriving to an event. If you want to arrive at somewhere in style, the limousine or chauffeur service is the one you need to call.

When you travel the UAE, you need someone who’s an expert guide on the region because it’s very easy to get lost in the UAE and some people aren’t going to be as kind to an English speaking foreigner who’s lost in their land. However, then there comes the next challenge of choosing the most reliable company out there for your money and how much does a limousine cost in Dubai?

To even be a limousine company in Dubai, you have to strictly follow the laws of Dubai known as the Dubai government Road & Transport Authority. They’re a set of laws far different than you’re accustomed to in the US. Did you know there’s only certain places in Dubai where a taxi service can even pick up passengers? These are pre-determined areas of waiting that limousines cam come to you and if they’re not marked, then you’re not legally allowed to be picked up by any taxi or limousine.

Also, the RTA does not ensure or legally require taxi services to install traffic meters inside of their vehicles. This will vary from company to company so when you call one, you might want to make sure they have a traffic meter, especially if they’re charging you by the mile. Don’t let them have an advantage over you. They are a business after all and will find a way to charge you as much money as humanly possible, just like any other normal business would do.

When it comes to Dubai and other foreign countries, living there, visiting and renting a limousine really just needs common sense that goes hand in hand. Don’t get into an unlicensed limousine and don’t ever let one pick you up at an unlicensed area because it could be a kidnapping scam. It’s not uncommon for people to go missing the UAE for ransom money.

history of limousines

The limousine history is an interesting one. When you think about limousines, they’re kind of a funny concept because who would have ever thought that limousines would even take off in the first place? Limousines are a really weird concept to a lot of people and businessmen because back then, no one would ever want to invest in them. Everyone though they were a stupid idea and didn’t see a reason to ever invest into one. Well, it looks like they were definitely wrong today as they’re one of the largest used methods of transportation for all kinds of special events today all over the world.

When we look at the overall variety of limousines in the United States, there’s just so many and even more than that, all of them offer so much variety and style depending on the customer’s wants or needs. The majority of customers are usually people coming from weddings or proms but there’s room for just about any kind of event. Limousine companies are used to accommodating weird events, even the ones that flat out don’t really make any sense. You can have your old vintage looking models or your brand new looking models and this is where you’ll have to make a personal decision for yourself.

When you look at limousines today, they’re actually just a version of a sedan that has been stretched out. They’re really not far off or that much different. When you get inside one of these limousines, they’re commonly fitted with a sliding glass window that will go between the driver and the passenger. If the passenger wants some privacy, the driver can simply slide the glass window. Most of these sedans will have two rows of seats depending on the individual setup of the sedan so that they can accommodate multiple passengers, as in the entire point of a limousine.

Now interesting enough, earlier versions of these limousines actually had their rear seats facing towards the driver and then the driver this way would have more leg room. Then, you had another row of seats that would face the driver as well right behind the driver’s seat. They weren’t the most well thought out designs but thankfully things changed so that passengers can actually have conversations with each other now. When you used to have horse and buggy stage coaches, that’s basically where limousines got their design from. Stage coaches were essentially just early limousines that needed horses instead of an engine and wheels. It was a bit bumpier I bet and you couldn’t turn a privacy glass on.

Limousines today have features that kind of remind people of the older versions of limousines but many improvements have been made to make sure that they’re as modern as possible and unique. The seating capacity of these vehicles has greatly improved as a result and is great for customers. So while limousines have been around since the horse and buggy days, no one ever makes that comparison or realizes that’s actually where they came from.

limousine service

It is quite common to see people waiting for a taxi at airports. Even standing in a queue for the taxi does not guarantee the fact that you will get to your office on time. In addition, when every single second counts for you, wasting minutes and hours standing in the queue for the taxi or waiting for a taxi that might never come is not advisable. If you truly value your time, getting a limo service can be a good investment.

The best that could be done in a situation when you need to reach somewhere in an urgency, is to go for a Corporate limousine service rather than a taxi. Corporate event limousine services are quite common in cities , and you can easily get one booked for you to pick you up from the airport when your plane is scheduled to land. It is quite sure that by the time the one standing in the taxi line reaches his turn, you already would have reached your office.

Why do you want a reliable service?

We will tell you why. There could be many reasons for saying so, but the most important reason lies in the following facts:

1-Your every second counts and so you cannot just waste your time being navigated through the roads.

2-You do not want to wait for extended hours in a taxi queue or wait for a taxi that might never arrive.

3-You cannot rely on the network of the public transport.

And, why Corporate Transportation?

cadillac limousineEase of availability: The fact that the corporate limousine service is very convenient than the taxi and easy to get, is the main reason for the popularity of the services. The corporate limousine service offers proper pick-ups and drop-offs anytime anywhere. There are not just available for picking and dropping you off to your site inspections, functions or business meetings, but are also available in your off hours for sightseeing and leisure purposes during the off- hours.

Consistency and trustworthiness: The other benefit is the fact that they provide consistency and reliability more than the taxi. You can rely on them to save your time when every single minute of your time is very important. Time being a significant commodity for the business, business executives could rely on no more than on a chauffeured transport.

Cost effective: One of the most appreciated benefits of hiring a corporate limousine service is the fact that they are cost effective for the corporate budgets when considering the opulence, convenience, and trustworthiness that they provide.

Service: The fact that the business travelers have needs and demands that are different from the needs of the travelers, they need some transport agency that could understand the needs. Corporate event limousine services are people who understand the difference in the mindset and offer services based on that.

The above benefits best explain the need of corporate event limousine services rather than using a taxi for the people in the executive services who travel a lot or who need their guests for conferences picked and dropped off on time and in style.